5 Reasons Industry Specific Software Is A “Must-Have” to Run Your Business Efficiently (Infographic)

Software plays a significant role in simplifying the functionality of most businesses today. And while most of the people relate the software to the IT industry, it is also beneficial for other industries too. The only difference is that every business requires customized features as per their industry requirements.

For instance, in a construction company where management of materials, finances, and labor forces, and providing an accurate estimate and job costing are a big factor, implementing the right software to ensure efficient management is extremely crucial. Such an application is vital to increase sales volume, reduce expenses, and win bids that the company might not have won previously.

Custom Software vs Industry Specific Software

Customized software solutions are costly and require many resources to create. On average, the ratio of cost for custom software to an industry-specific solution is 100:1. Unless there are particular individual needs that a business cannot function without, an industry-specific solution is almost always the best option.

Here are five benefits to using industry-specific software


1. Get Along with The Competition

One of the main reasons why companies prefer industry specific software than generic ones is because they not only get a solution that fits them out of the box, but they also get functionality that they didn’t even recognize they could have.

This means that by investing in an industry-specific software, a business can get along with the competition with others as they can finally solve problems and issues that their competitors have long solved already but they may still be struggling with.

2. Reduce Human Error

Industry specific software also helps decrease the opportunities for human error. Unlike “out-of-the-box” systems, most industry-specific programs do not allow just anyone to access and change information.

Companies can track things such as cost estimates and labor, and there will be reduced accounting workarounds to get accurate numbers – resulting in greater accounting accuracy. These systems are also able to help users decrease the need for manual conversions of data, which makes them more productive in their line of work in the long run.

3. Partner with a Vendor That Understands Your Needs

The advantage of investing in an industry specific software over generic software is that the company will have the opportunity to work with a software vendor that truly understands their business needs. This gives the vendor a unique ability to offer solutions or suggestions they have seen their client’s competitors are using.

4. Use a Solution that Fits Your Business

Another edge to using an industry specific software such as construction management system is that the business will be able to mould the system to fit their business and not the other way around. Many companies still choose to invest in generic software from big brands because they feel comfortable with a big name.

However, often they find out that they are forced to change the way they do business because the solution does not accommodate their needs. Some big vendors also fail to address or sometimes ignore the needs and requests of their clients. Construction industry specific software such as Bizprac is known for its superior customer support and improving its software based on the needs of the industry.

5. Shorter Learning Curve

It is a fact that the true cost of investing in software is not in the licensing fee, but more on the “unseen” costs with a loss in employee productivity and morale that comes with the implementation of new system. Employees may complain at the thought of having to learn so many features they don’t even need.

A business can reduce these worries (and associated costs) by working with a vendor that understands the employee’s needs and is talking in a language they can relate to. Bizprac is known for being one of the most user-friendly construction industry solutions, setting it apart from other providers. This not only lessen the headache of switching to a new system, but it also reduces costs in support and training.

Bizprac is a construction management software that provides all the functionality and processes you need to run an optimal construction business operation. It is a software that has been built by builder for builders – ensuring a solution that will save you time and make sure everything is right and fits well with your goals.

To learn more about how Bizprac can help your building business succeed in today’s competitive construction industry, visit our website at staging.bizprac.com or send an email to sales@bizprac.com.