Ordering & Procurement

Bizprac Software takes the hassle out of the ordering process. Save both
time and money by creating purchase orders directly from an estimate. Use
your personal supplier price lists to ensure that you are getting the products
you need at the cheapest possible cost, and ensure that an important order
is never missed.

Feature Summary

  • Automatically create order from estimate
  • Send “Request for Quotes”
  • Compare prices & change suppliers whilst creating purchase order
  • Automatically allocate orders to jobs
  • Attach “Subcontractor Terms and Conditions”
  • Embed “hot links” or attach plans
  • One click order creation
Manage creditor invoice payments, place invoices on hold or part pay. Easily identify Retention invoices.
Create purchase orders for the job in bulk direct from the estimate. Attach documents or HTTP links, email direct to the supplier or contractor. Ability to CC the supervisor or add a set of terms and conditions for contractors. Orders can easily be changed between suppliers if required.

Speed Up Purchase Orders

One of the most common reasons that a building business doesn’t make a profit on a job is that they don’t keep a close eye on the outgoing material expenses. Having a system to choose the cheapest supplier and produce a purchase order with only the material that you need will not only be more efficient but will save you time and money as well.

The Bizprac Order and Procurement module allows you to import your supplier’s price list including product codes, descriptions and prices so that you can easily import a Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and assign your supplier of choice. Alternatively, you can manually create the products in your estimate by a simple drag and drop from your pricelist into your estimate.

Either way, when you are ready to create a purchase order, you simply highlight the items in your estimate and click on an option to create a purchase order. It’s so simple! You’re ready in about 30 seconds to send the purchase order off.

Bizprac also understands that you may not want all of the ordered products to arrive on site at the same time (for example timber). So you create your purchase orders for the quantities you want when you need them.

You can even create your construction business purchase orders for materials simply with a click of a button. The information is already there in your estimate. The product codes are already there in your supplier price lists. You are able to compare prices and change suppliers on the fly while creating your construction business purchase order. Why not attach a plan or an “http” link to the purchase order to help your supplier, Bizprac can do that too.

If you would like to discuss your business and how we can help you to save time and money by creating your own purchase orders please contact us