“At our previous employer, a large building company, we became familiar with the functionality of a large construction software product from Sage. So when we went to the market to look for software, our aim was to find similar functionality at a fraction of the price. We knew it was a tall order. The only product that provided the full functionality was Bizprac. Bizprac was built by builders for builders and this was evident to us when we reviewed the product. We were very impressed with the value for money that Bizprac provided and now that we have started to use it, we’re also impressed with the support and ease of use. We’re very happy with Bizprac!”

Rafal Zuliamis
Lares Homes

“We have been using Bizprac for more than a year now. I love it! It tells us how much money is going in and out of the business, where each job is at, the cost of each stage of each job, everything! It’s easy to use and anyone can use it! My Bizprac screen is open all day on my second screen, I don’t need to refer to paper files, everything I need is on Bizprac! I can’t think of anything that it doesn’t do!”

Katia Rogers
RPG Homes

Baw Baw Plumbing have been using Bizprac for around 18 years to manage our Plumbing business. Our work is diverse including maintenance and new work across small jobs and larger projects; we have at times had up to six on the tools. We have found it a powerful tool for managing and integrating creditor price lists, estimates, debtors, jobs, schedules, time and job costs as well as all accounting processes, including payroll. Features are flexible and with exploration and on-going technical support from Bizprac it is possible to customise how the program is used to suit our specific needs. We have recently begun using the mobile time cards and invoice importer to minimise routine data entry so we can spend more time managing efficiencies and profitability. As an information professional, I have personally been impressed by how the program integrates, shares and stores information across the different processes for ease of information retrieval and reporting.

Mark & Helen Wilson
Baw Baw Plumbing

“We needed to find a program that had comprehensive job costing & accounting features, attached to a powerful but easy to use estimating program. We tried at least 3 other of the leading program brands and found Bizprac to be by far the most user friendly, without compromising critical features or functionality.Bizprac allows us to keep track of the ongoing jobs and keep’s our job claims up to date. Bizprac has allowed us to spend much more time onsite doing the job and way less time on the computer.

Whenever we need help Bizprac support staff are friendly and easy to contact. Also when we suggest new features or changes to the program, they are reviewed and added if other customers have the same request. So the combination of Bizprac’s feature-set, ease of use, and readily available support, meant going with Bizprac was a no brainer.”

Peter Ceccato

Ceccato Builders

“Being a builder and owning our own business, it is critical for us to have a building software package that can assist me to maximise all areas of efficiency in the business. The Bizprac system allows us as a business to manage the building and construction side as well as maintaining an up to date record of how we are tracking financially. Having a system that works well with us allows us to deliver high-quality service to our customers and suppliers at a competitive rate. we are equally impressed with the team from Bizprac administration and help desk who are always able to assist us with any inquiries or further training to maximise our program use.”

Peter Casey
Casey Builders

“We reviewed about half a dozen systems before choosing Bizprac. We found other systems were over-engineered and would have made life more difficult. Bizprac has saved us an enormous amount of time from an administrative perspective, and has reduced the time it takes us to prepare a quote significantly. It allows us to track job costs against budget in real-time and manage contract variations with greater visibility, it is great to know how we are tracking at any stage.”

Hollie McPherson
McPherson Constructions

“I’ve been using Bizprac for 20 years. I like it because it’s easy to use and I can cost jobs easily. I went on holidays for seven months and, using Bizprac, I was able to run the business remotely”

Peter Roy
Additional Concepts