Bizprac Premium Package

Bizprac Premium is the package of choice for established builders who want to gain the competitive edge over their competition while growing their business.


Bizprac Premium contains all of the tools required for a residential or commercial building company to run their entire business from a single software system.

If you are a well established residential or commercial building business, and you want to grow your business, then it is essential that you have the right software system in place to make sure that you are profitable. The Bizprac Premium package will allow you to keep track of your business, in real-time, right from the quote to the end of the job to make sure that you stay on track.

If you already have employees or are just about to take on new employees, its essential that you keep accurate records about your employee’s payroll, tax, annual leave and sick days, to ensure that you meet your obligations to the ATO. Bizprac Premium includes a full payroll module that takes the stress out of payday.

Most builders that use the Bizprac Premium software find it’s it saves them substantial time and money by providing them with an all-around view of their business. If you use spreadsheets, or juggle various different software programs to do your quoting, accounting, budgeting and expense tracking, then contact us to arrange a free trial so that we can show you how our software can help you to bring all the bits and pieces together and save you time and money.

By putting a good all round system in place now you will set your business up for future success.  

Bizprac Premium Package Features


  • Create Estimates from new, templates or copy an existing estimate (whole or in part)
  • Mark-up each Estimate separately, with a range of pricing methods available
  • Create & utilise structures (assemblies/recipes) of products to use across multiple estimates: i.e. lengths of wall, concrete slabs, etc.
  • Import BOQ files (CSV) into your estimate
  • Manage Supplier Price Lists: Import price files, set price zones, update prices by %, etc.
  • Extensive Estimate Reporting: Customisable layouts, cash flow management reporting, etc.
  • Attach plans, quotes etc. to Estimates
  • Missed Items: Review any products without quantities, costs, GST or suppliers to ensure everything is accounted for

Contractors, Suppliers & Job Costing

  • Generate POs direct from an Estimate or from the Pricelist, with a wide range of options available: By cost centre, load, for multiple Jobs, Selected Products, etc.
  • Subcontractor Management: Track contracts, terms & conditions
  • Apply Terms & Conditions as appended doc or hyperlink
  • Email POs to Suppliers, along with attached docs & plans
  • Track the Outstanding Balance of POs for undelivered goods
  • Apply colour selections & notes to products
  • Track Budget vs Actuals, Overruns, & Forecast Costs
  • Multiple Works in Progress (WIP) Reports are available, each using different variables
  • Store details & set reminders for certificates and defects liability expiry


  • Operate an unlimited number of business entities & books
  • Produce Recipient Created Tax Invoices (RCTI)
  • Voluntary withholding reporting for contractors
  • Subcontractor RFI forms
  • Generate Claims by Cost Plus, Stages or Percentage
  • Accounting Dashboard incl. graphs & reports
  • Bank Reconciliation: Attach statements* & auto-match transactions from imported QIF/CSV files*
  • Drill-down into ledger accounts & transactions
  • Tax Code Audit Trail


  • Create flexible payroll templates for employees
  • Single Touch Payroll & SuperStream Enabled
  • Mobile timecard app & import integration
  • Make secure diary entries on employee records, and attach docs
  • Flexible payslip email templates
  • Apply cost & chargeout rates back to Jobs
  • Ensure the confidentiality of employee payments
  • Pause and retrieve stored pay runs
  • TFN validator

Other Features

  • Equipment Register: Track depreciation, servicing & sale, and cost usage back to jobs**
  • Configurable security for users, groups & activity tracking
  • Configurable automatic backup tool