Full Integration

Bizprac Software for Builders is a fully integrated business management system.


Being fully-integrated means that users are able to run their entire business, from quoting through to BAS, with a single software solution.

No need to juggle different software packages, no need to enter the same data over and over into different systems, and no need to spend time and money training staff in different software packages. Also, all the support you need comes from one source, minimizing downtime by allowing staff to get the help they need when they need it.

The Advantages of running integrated software include:

  • All the features you need to run your entire business in one system
  • Enter data once – save time and reduce data entry errors
  • Anytime you need support it all comes from the one place
  • IT only need to install and maintain 1 software system, reduces risk of instability caused by conflicts with other software
  • Save money by not need to purchase/subscribe to multiple software packages
  • Save Time. No staff training of multiple packages
  • Heightened productivity