8 Ways Industry-Specific Software Gives You The Competitive Advantage – Infographic

Having a unique competitive edge is crucial to any business industry survival. Therefore, it is imperative that you have the right system in place to ensure that the products and services you offer to your customers are always delivered in a competitive manner.

In the challenging construction business landscape, industry specific software that helps amplify that uniqueness will bolster your competitive edge in more ways possible than a generic off-the-shelf software will do.

Here are ten ways industry specific software gives your construction business the competitive edge in today’s ever competitive construction market.

8-Ways-Industry-Specific-Software-Gives-You-The-Competitive-Advantage- Infographic-Image

  1. Adapt to Market Changes Quickly

Your construction business evolves over time along with the market. Industry specific software can be updated and modified to adapt to changes and trends in the industry, providing your business with the added flexibility required to maintain a competitive edge relative to your competitors.

By partnering with a reliable vendor that builds software specific for your industry, you can assure that your software changes as your business changes. The benefit of having a trusted partner that knows and understands the specific requirements in your industry increases your competitive advantage.

  1. Save on Software Cost

Another way industry specific software can provide your business edge in the market is by helping you save on programming and training cost. Not only purchasing industry specific software is the only fraction of the cost of programming custom software, but it is also cheaper to deploy since it doesn’t need an extensive training investment in order for it to be fully utilized.

When buying software, it’s a typical rule of thumb that you are generally getting $100 more worth of programming for every $1 you spend on industry specific software. When you look at it this way, it makes it much easier to operate with some lack of functionality that is not even necessary for your business.

As a result, you can use the cost saving you to further optimize your field operations and modernize other aspects of your business.

  1. Better Cost Control

With 35% of construction costs being spent on material waste and remedial work, it is only crucial that your construction business to have the right software in place to track cost and performance effectively.

Industry specific software will provide you better business insights about your project costs, so you can make better decisions as to where you should make cost adjustments.

With industry specific software like Bizprac, you will enjoy cost control capabilities that off-the-shelf software often don’t have, such as detailed reports that outline actual expenditures vs budgeted costs, so you know if you are tracking to be on, over or under budget, and therefore make necessary adjustments during the project.

  1. Better Workforce Productivity and Efficiency

Beyond the features industry specific software offers, the program also helps decrease the opportunity for human error and the need for manual conversions by employees. Unlike a generic solution, most software industry programs do not allow just anyone to access and change information, thus ensuring the integrity of business data.

Moreover, industry specific software will help you eliminate time-consuming activities such as filling up paper forms and managing different file cabinets. The efficiency achieved using industry specific software should ultimately help your employees focus on the more critical task and there deliver more hard-hitting outcomes to your business.

  1. Better Inventory Control

Unlike generic software, industry specific solutions are intended to deliver comprehensive inventory management. It can support multiple warehouses or bills of materials, monitor materials availability, as well as track backorders and serial numbers of each material your employee’s order.

Construction industry specific software such as Bizprac will even allow you to assign material from stock to a project. Stock levels are also automatically updated, allowing you to manage your materials from warehouse to the project easily.

  1. Better Accounting Management

The construction industry, with its complex divisions and sub-constructions, its tight profit margins and numerous costs and expenses, is the best example of an industry that benefits from an industry specific software solution with accounting platform highly attuned to the industry’s specific requirements.

An Industry specific software solution integrated with an accounting software fine-tuned for construction industry ensures that all pertinent finance areas of the project, such as security reports and information, compliance system alerts, and builder retention management are monitored efficiently.

  1. Better Asset Management

Generic software rarely provides the much-needed asset management feature to asset-intensive industries such as construction. By investing in industry specific software for construction, you will be able to manage your equipment better. Not only can you track them, but you can also schedule them for future projects.

Furthermore, this solution will also help you build a maintenance schedule that automatically lets you know when asset requires maintenance. Such benefit should help switch from reactive to proactive maintenance approach, which should reduce the chances of downtime in the middle of a job.

As such, the project will be completed much faster, and your clients will be satisfied with how you delivered on the timeline you provided.

  1. Better Customer Relationship Management

Industry specific software complete with all necessary features you need for your business can also function as a CRM (customer relation management) tool, since you can store information about your clients in a single platform, and access customer history whenever you need it.

With the ability to store all pertinent customer information within one single software solution, you can make faster and more effective decisions by leveraging real-time reports and drill-down capabilities.

Industry specific software such as Bizprac provides builders like you with better-tailored solutions that could potentially help them to grow or establish their market share. It is a software that has been built by builder for builders – ensuring a solution that will save you time and make sure everything is right and fits well with your goals.

To learn more about how Bizprac can help your building business succeed in today’s competitive construction industry, visit our website at staging.bizprac.com or send an email to sales@bizprac.com.