Construction estimator software will speed up your estimates

Two things you need to consider before using construction estimator software to create an estimate. They are Perception and Reality.

Your clients’ perception of the finished product is their reality. A working drawing, signed by the client, will confirm that their perception is now a reality needing a cost to complete.

Getting the quote to the client in a timely manner should be important to the estimator. Equally important is that the quote detail should accurately reflect the client’s perception of the finished product. Technology improves the consistency and timeliness of every quote you produce. Construction estimating software can make the difference between a so-so project and a profitable project.

The Devil is in the estimate detail

Estimate detail is a key factor

Presenting a well-articulated estimate to the client creates a perception that the company is competent. The estimate appearance and content can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing the job to a competitor.

And an inaccurate estimate can be costly to the building company. Estimate inconsistencies can cost time and wages for any rework of the quotation. Worse, it can ultimately cost the company, the project. When a quote reflecting incorrect information is presented the client may feel the company is not on the same wavelength.

Construction estimator software minimises the risk of inaccurate estimates and maximises the client satisfaction when they receive a professional estimate for proposed works, not only in a timely manner but also detailed according to their plans.

Successful estimating of any project requires

  1. A solid understanding of the clients’ scope of works.
  2. A current and up to date database of costs in all areas of the quotation. Labour, materials and overheads.
  3. Good relationships with sub-contractors. This promotes trust and encourages a two-way partnership and flow of communication. The sub-contractor will be confident with the accuracy of information. In addition, ensuring timely payment for works completed makes the sub-contractor more likely to be happy to assist the estimator, where needed.

Employee trust and subcontractor relationships can break down when an estimator just quotes a square M rate on a job, to save time. Upon winning the project the project manager realises key information has been missed when preparing the estimate. This creates a whole other swag of problems!

Construction Estimator Software

A good estimator will use a tool of trade which is a high-quality construction estimator software tool. When estimators use Bizprac to produce the quotation they can expect to consistently produce accurate estimates in an efficient manner for the following reasons:

Current pricing from the suppliers

By suppliers, we mean material suppliers and also sub-contractors. Bizprac construction estimator software allows the estimator to import this information and then quote using the most current supplier pricing for the region where the project is being built. The price list is easily maintained for items used specifically by the builder.

CAD importer

Think about importing the “Bill of Materials” from the electronic version of drawings the client has agreed on.  This minimises disputes where the client’s perception and reality differ.  Whether the CAD designer is in your office or an external consultant, you can import the Bill of Quantities from any CAD Software of your choice. The materials imported marry up with the suppliers’ price list within Bizprac. This type of automation can save hours.

Take-off calculator for products and structures

Built into the software is a Take-off calculator for both products and structures. This saves time when plans are not received in a paper format. Enter the dimension detail from the drawings and let Bizprac do the calculation.

Building project stage control using estimate templates

Project control is determined by a breakdown of stages, as decided by the builder.   Bizprac calls these “cost centres” and allow the estimate template to be set up to suit the individual project requirements. This estimate template forms the budget template for which actual costs are measured against for job costing. The size of the project may determine the number of cost centres used.

Master Structures

A list of items required for a part of the job is called a Structure. Using a wall as an example, the “items” might be timber, bracing, plasterboard and other materials, together with the labour required. When using Bizprac simply enter the wall dimensions and the quantities for the individual materials, subcontractor cost or labour will adjust automatically. In addition use of structures expedite the quotation time.

Missed Items in the estimate

When the Missed Items button is pressed it highlights within the estimate where cost, quantity, GST cost or Supplier are missing. Furthermore, builders tell us using Bizprac has saved tens of thousands of dollars in missed items. Estimators no longer need to find missing details manually and risk missing them before sending their estimate. 

Streamlined construction estimating

Accuracy and streamlining in the project management side is the result of superior estimating processes. In addition to the cost savings, the client will feel comfortable and want to deal with the company.

Construction estimator software such as Bizprac means there is no further need to do a “rough quote and then cross your fingers”. Furthermore, the client perception is that the business is very competent and professional to deal with as able to give full quote detail.