How Does Bizprac’s Integration Work? – Infographic

An integrated construction project management software like Bizprac isn’t exactly what most people think about first for when they need to estimate the projected cost of their to-be-built properties and projects; instead, many imagine spreadsheets or tons of paper.

However, Bizprac is becoming increasingly popular due to the numerous advantages it has: wide availability; reliability; cheap costs; and the simple fact that an integrated building and construction software saves a lot of time.

Bizprac is easy to use and includes many critical features that every builder must have, such as job costs and payment tracking, built-in order system report generating, building schedule; equipment management, etc. In short, Bizprac not only estimates the costs of the project but also helps project managers by easing and fulfilling tasks that are usually left for accountants.

To better understand how Bizprac works, we have detailed in this infographic how the four core capabilities of this system – cost estimation, ordering and procurement, job costing, and invoice and billing  – integrate with each other and can help your construction business finish projects quicker and more efficiently.


  1. Cost Estimation

Bizprac construction estimate software allows you to implement a previous estimate and simply make the necessary adjustments, such as quantities, materials, labour, colour selections etc. so quote turnaround improves over time.

It also allows you to set up any number of templates for various projects. For instance, if you build a number of homes per year, you might have a template set up for each home design. Once your template is set up, simply import the Bill of Quantities from your preferred CAD program or add/make changes from your price list library.

  1. Ordering and Procurement

After a cost estimate has been created, the ordering and procurement software integrated within Bizprac can automatically create order and procure products and services from external suppliers.

Bizprac’s ordering and procurement allow you to import price lists from all of your suppliers, Therefore, not only are you creating an estimate with your own prices, purchase orders are a breeze as well.

Bizprac will also allow you to import a Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and assign your supplier of choice. Alternatively, you can manually create the products in your estimate by a simple drag and drop from your pricelist into your estimate. Either way, when you are ready to create a purchase order, you simply highlight the items in your estimate and click on an option to create a purchase order

Ordering and Procurement software is critical if you want to get the most out of your supplier relationships. By using Bizprac, you can quickly and easily define your procurement requirements, the method of procurement and the timeframes for delivery.

  1. Job Costing

As soon as the construction project put in work, it’s essential to start keeping an eye on project costs. The sooner you start doing this, the better since it will allow you to detect any potential misuses of resources before it’s too late.

Bizprac’s construction job costing software is fully integrated which means that at a click of a button you can compare your project budget against your project actuals. At a click of a button, you can easily create a job from the estimate. With another button click, you can create a purchase order (PO) using the same estimate. Bizprac job costing software is designed to ensure minimal effort, minimal errors and minimal time.

It allows you to forecast and move costs around ahead of time. This is particularly useful for the building industry where materials are sourced from many different places.

  1. Creditor Invoice and Payment

The Job Costing capabilities of Bizprac construction management software can also help you generate creditor invoices for lump sum, cost plus, time and material or unit price contracts, or any combination of contract items for a single job much easier.

When the creditor invoice arrives, simply type in the PO number and Bizprac will automatically extract all materials from the PO. Apart from adding the creditor invoice number, no additional data entry is required unless you choose to adjust material quantities.

Once you are happy with the invoice, you can lock it ready for payment. You may pay each invoice or pay several invoices at once via an ABA bank file if your bank provides this service.

With such seamless integration, it’s clear that using construction job costing software, such as Bizprac, becomes a total no-brainer in the building and construction industry. To learn more about how Bizprac can help your building business succeed in today’s competitive construction industry, visit our website at or send an email to