Business Automation Through Construction Management Software – Why It’s Crucial to Your Business

The construction industry is rapidly becoming more competitive as new technologies and innovative solutions are being introduced and utilized in the market. In order to stay afloat, it’s imperative for construction business owners to invest in these technologies or risk getting left behind by their competitors.

Today’s technology gurus have pointed to a lack of automation and adoption of technology as the primary reasons for the industry’s poor performance. In fact, Mckinsey reported that construction is one of the least digitised industries worldwide and has ultimately failed to increase worker productivity in decades significantly, all while companies in leading sectors such as financial and healthcare have workforces that are 13 times more digitally engaged than the rest of the economy.


To be successful in today’s technology-driven construction landscape, builders should take advantage of business process automation through industry-specific software such as Bizprac. Read on as we highlight some of the most important advantages that firms can gain from using construction business automation software.

What is Business Process Automation?

Business Process Automation or BPA are solutions designed to eliminate inefficiency caused by manual or physical labor – such as keying in data onto customer database or tracking real-time data of construction equipment. When integrated correctly, BPA solutions can provide companies with long-term benefits such more efficient processes, improved collaboration, enhanced client service, and higher revenue.

Automation in Tendering Process

In construction, tendering will usually involve the creation of paper-based proposals and contracts that include mandatory information and explain how the company will meet the client’s needs.

All essential documentation must then be circulated to relevant team members, which involves sending paper copies around the business. Contracts must be reviewed and approved before they can be sent to the client, adding more steps to an already complicated process.

Through a construction industry-specific software, document review and approval process can be automated to cut down the length of the tendering process, creating a more efficient and reliable work system.

Business automation software also comes with notifications and email templates which can enable more immediate responses, giving employees the confidence that approval requests will be dealt with more promptly.

Automation in Procurement Process

Even digital processes, when manual in nature, can still hamper worker productivity. Construction companies using email-based procurement often experience delays due to backlogs in employee inboxes, which can severely slow down the purchasing process.

By automating the procurement process, employees can create customer folders, manage access permissions, and notify relevant team members when new information is available to speed up the entire procurement cycle. Business rules can be applied to the workflow to make decisions based on the information, which streamlines tasks and outcomes.

This avoids the endless back-and-forth emails that typically goes on between the vendor and company, streamlining inboxes and the flow of work.

Project Data Management

Any company that uses a traditional project management approach to manage individual contracts, accounts and initiatives will need to streamline their standardised processes. One of the main advantages of business process automation software is that it helps builders to have better review objectives, update tasks and follow activities.

All of this will enhance data management, timeliness, and accessibility. For example, many construction businesses are still using multiple legacy systems that create disparate and disconnected data sets. Outdated legacy systems usually cannot offer the reporting capabilities needed to gather, segment and glean actionable insights from data.

Instead of using costly consultants or data scientists to interpret the data, using a fully integrated construction management software can gain more valuable insights on all of their projects in the long run.


With a hope that the long-standing issue of labour shortage will soon be over, automation technologies are the way forward for the industry when it comes to enhancing productivity and boosting profits. The adoption and integration of automation through construction industry-specific software such as Bizprac may be the best opportunities for the construction business to succeed in the decades to come.

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