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Documentation is important in construction activities. Reports needed for construction projects include bid documents, scopes of work, contractor agreements, timetables, and bills of quantities. Without effective document management, keeping track of the paperwork, marking changes, and informing the appropriate parties of revisions can soon become out of hand. By efficiently managing them, you provide a single point of information that the team can rely on even when plans are modified.

Managing documents effectively and efficiently is essential to any construction project. Projects without it are challenging to finish on schedule and budget and even more challenging to defend.

Construction Document Management

Construction document management ensures that project records are properly stored, organized, and archived. It also involves making sure that the crucial information about the company, clients, and projects is accessible when needed. Construction document management makes daily duties easier and saves time on repetitive tasks like filing and document seeking. Strict document control procedures make businesses run more efficiently by streamlining operation workflow.

Construction document management covers every file required to accomplish a project, including contracts, drawings, specifications, BIM 360 designs, estimates, and more. New versions of these papers may be developed, and occasionally important parties may not be given the correct copy or access to it. Document management helps the company keep track of all the versions and ensure that key parties have access to the correct version when needed. Critical communications, such as those affecting safety, will reliably and promptly reach everyone thanks to an efficient document management procedure.

Construction document management is essential since faults in a document might result in costly oversights and misjudgments. Contractors may have to spend a lot of money to correct work based on inaccurate designs or models. Managers should check the document version to avoid these issues.

Additionally, construction document management enables contractors to provide their clients visibility into the project’s status. The management of construction documents makes it simpler to inform clients of the progress of a project. Document management also aids in the marking up of construction documents. It guarantees that there is only one document version with the markups that everyone can view.

Document Management Software for Construction Companies

Document management software is a solution that allows managers and users to handle document generation, sharing, organizing, and archiving. The solution streamlines these procedures and increases the effectiveness of the company’s digital file management system. With a central database, access to documents and information is more efficient, saving time and allowing workers to focus on core operations.

The days of keeping a stack of papers in your office, filing them in various drawers, and labelling them clearly until you needed to access them are long gone. This process is clumsy and challenging to follow. Document management software simplifies file organization, allowing users to quickly search and filter the results for a particular file. As a result, the entire procedure is reduced from a few minutes or hours to a few seconds.

An essential aspect of document management software is team collaboration. It saves time and provides a real-time version of the updated file.

When handling projects, contract or plan changes lead to document revisions, and parties often have to spend significant time tracking these versions. But with document management software, each user can see the most recent version and any modifications made, ensuring that everyone is working from the most recent version of the document

Moreover, an exceptional document management system prevents data loss due to improper filing. This modern solution aids in accelerating the archiving and discovery of these files. Instead of combing through a large collection of papers stacked in a filing cabinet, users can simply search for a certain file with a keyword or key phrase. Some solutions also enable them to use the functionality remotely from anywhere in the world.

The software also helps the company comply with documentation, record keeping, and archiving regulations. The Archives Act guides entities on Australia’s minimum requirements for information and records management. There are also other standards and codes that govern data-keeping. Among their other tasks, construction companies already have enough on their plates to be thinking about these policies. Having document management software that is specific to the construction industry helps organizations properly comply with the standards. 

Manage Construction Documents Efficiently With Bizprac

Builders and contractors handle numerous forms, contracts, change orders, designs, permits, and other records when handling projects. Maintaining it all is time-consuming and distracts them from doing their primary job, which is construction. Investing in modern tools like document management software relieves the company from these challenges.

Not every document management program is created the same. Construction companies have numerous alternatives available when choosing document management software. It is important that they choose a solution that will be strong enough to manage their operational needs because the system’s integrity will depend on it. Companies in the construction industry can rely on Bizprac, integrated software for builders that has everything they need from a single business program.

Bizprac is an Australian-owned and operated construction management system designed specifically to support the Australian construction industry. It is a fully integrated and constantly developing software system that offers comprehensive features like estimating, job costing, accounting, single-touch payroll, purchasing, builder retentions, etc. Bizprac is designed to ensure users make the maximum profit on each project. It is also backed by an industry-leading Australian-based support team that knows the industry inside and out.

Bizprac enables document management functionalities such as attaching BOQ files, plans, and quotes into an estimate. It also assists subcontractors track updated contracts and in applying terms and conditions. Bizprac Digital Takeoff is powered by ExtrAxion, which allows users to extract data, like area measurements and material quantities from plans (images and vectors), into the software. This feature creates an accessible digital file for the project, which can help speed up estimating and quantity surveying tasks.

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