Importance of Getting Builder Software with Tech Support

Technical support is essential for any builder software. This feature facilitates effective assistance for client inquiries and troubleshooting for technology-related issues. Depending on the available resources, this can be accomplished through technical advisor appointments, technical telephone support lines, or online chat support.

Builder software with reliable tech support provides value to the users. Tech support can significantly reduce frustration and stress when dealing with complex issues. Additionally, as technology evolves and user needs change, having continuous support ensures that the software remains relevant and useful for an extended period.

What is a Technical Support?


Technical support is the supplementary service companies offer to consumers for acquiring or subscribing a software. It assists customers with resolving issues with integration, device compatibility, onboarding, crashing, bugs, and security. Tech assistance generates a competitive advantage by facilitating the execution of essential business processes in a timely and effective manner.

Technical support may involve upgrades and maintenance of building construction software. It provides the technical expertise required to keep the systems operating efficiently and meet specific requirements.

What is the Coverage of Technical Support?


Technical support involves managing, maintaining, and repairing the various functions available on the construction software. Support personnel’s responsibilities include defect diagnosis and repair, network problem resolution, installation, and configuration of hardware and software.

Technical support is typically accessed via a help desk and provided by a dedicated professional IT team. Most of the time, technical support is a free feature for builder software. Software providers, like Bizprac, offer an integrated program that can function as project and document management software with technical support in a single tool.

Responsibilities of Technical Support

  • Resolving technical problems
  • Identifying and rectifying defects
  • Fixing network problems
  • Configuring and installing hardware and software
  • Speaking with consumers to swiftly determine the source of their issue
  • Guiding a consumer through a series of steps to solve a problem
  • Follow up with clients to ensure that the issue has been resolved
  • Repairing the malfunctioning functions
  • Assisting with procedural documentation

Types of Technical Support

Technical Advisor

A technical support advisor assists clients by diagnosing and resolving problems with their product and service knowledge. They work with the company’s internal departments to optimise customer support operations and address any issues or voids in the current procedures.

Telephone Support Line

Telephone support is the process of providing general information, diagnostic counsel, and assistance over the phone regarding the use and operation of licensed software.

Online Chat Support

A chat support agent immediately client complaints via the provider’s website or software. The online chat representative may offer technical support, respond to inquiries, and provide additional real-time problem-solving options.

Technical Support Vs. Customer Service

Technical support is primarily concerned with resolving a technical incident or issue. These are perceived or actual issues with the service or product for which the consumer is seeking support.

In contrast, customer service takes a distinct approach, concentrating on the customer’s experience. This means that a customer service representative can support and initiate communication with consumers in a more proactive manner. Additionally, the essence of customer service does not have to be technical.

Advantages of Having Technical Support in Construction Software

Technical assistance makes sure that the business’s operations remain productive and encounter no errors. Because the builder software supports project management, it is important to have immediate support as soon as issues arise. This will, in turn, result in optimised activities, cost savings, enhanced product quality, and customer satisfaction.

Below are other reasons why construction software should have technical support:


Technical support can enable swift communication. It can establish clear and accessible channels of communication for users when they seek assistance. By offering multiple communication options, users can choose the method that suits them best.

Technical support teams also aim to provide timely responses to users’ inquiries. Prompt replies demonstrate attentiveness and a commitment to resolving issues quickly, enhancing user satisfaction.


Constant mobility and adaptability can sometimes be detrimental to the organisation. Moving locations, balancing multiple projects, and communicating with various clients can make administration challenging. Thus, flexibility is of the utmost importance.

Good technical support has a defined escalation process for handling complex or critical issues. This system will ensure that unresolved problems are appropriately escalated to higher-level support personnel or specialised teams for prompt resolution.

Advanced technical support allows users to customise the software to better fit their specific needs. Support teams can guide users on how to configure settings to the project management software for builders and utilise different features.


Many technical support teams can use remote access tools to connect directly to a user’s system and diagnose and troubleshoot issues remotely. This automation saves time and effort, as support agents can address problems without requiring physical presence.

Why Should You Get Builder Software with Tech Support?


Getting builder management software with technical support means having a professional team that can address issues that may affect business operations. It is a wise investment for project managers and organisations because it empowers them to streamline issue resolution.


The escalating expectation for better project performance and the complexity of construction projects are driving higher demand for builder software with comprehensive functionality. Technical support, in particular, is a critical feature that is essential to achieving project productivity. Tech support assistants can help integrate the software, secure company data, and resolve common or complex office technical issues.

Builder companies with integrated project management and builder take-off software can empower the manager and workers to become more collaborative and efficient.

Bizprac – Fully Integrated Builder Software in Australia

Bizprac is an Australian-owned and operated construction management system designed specifically to support the Australian construction industry. It is a fully integrated and constantly developing software system that offers comprehensive features like estimating, accounting, job costing, accounting, single-touch payroll, purchasing, builder retentions, etc.

Bizprac is integrated with tech support. We invest a great effort into our support services to ensure clients find the solutions they need. Whether by phone, email, or remote access, Bizprac is available whenever clients need assistance.

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