Mark & Helen Wilson

Baw Baw Plumbing have been using Bizprac for around 18 years to manage our Plumbing business. Our work is diverse including maintenance and new work across small jobs and larger projects; we have at times had up to six on the tools. We have found it a powerful tool for managing and integrating creditor price lists, estimates, debtors, jobs, schedules, time and job costs as well as all accounting processes, including payroll. Features are flexible and with exploration and on-going technical support from Bizprac it is possible to customise how the program is used to suit our specific needs. We have recently begun using the mobile time cards and invoice importer to minimise routine data entry so we can spend more time managing efficiencies and profitability. As an information professional, I have personally been impressed by how the program integrates, shares and stores information across the different processes for ease of information retrieval and reporting.