How To Use Social Media To Attract New Clients

Today, with a wide array of advertising platforms available, attracting new customers has undoubtedly become a lot easier than before. However, the challenge is choosing the best medium to promote your business.

According to WeAreSocial, eighty percent of the Australian population spends more than five hours a day online and one hour and thirty-nine minutes of those five hours are spent on social media. Given the fact that now, everyone spends most of their time online, even builders like you should consider utilizing social media as a marketing strategy. Here are seven ways how to use social media to attract new clients:

Respond quickly to social media inquiries

Being on social media makes your business accessible to potential clients because, with just one click (and a few words of typing), they can easily reach you. Moreover, receiving queries indicates that people are interested in your services. That is why you should respond to them quickly, to show your commitment to providing excellent customer service, understanding their needs, and keeping you ahead of the competition.  

Invest in online advertisements

In terms of expenses, online ads are less expensive than TV, radio, and print ads, and it makes targeting specific consumers easier as well.

Moreover, according to Nielsen’s June 2018 digital content ratings report, more than fifteen million Australians (aged eighteen and above) spend an average of twenty-two hours per month on YouTube, and according to TechCrunch, YouTube will feature more local ads before every video. Your video advertisements could include drone shots and time-lapse videos of your biggest projects.

You can also consider Facebook since it is the most widely used social platform or visual platforms like Instagram and Pinterest since most people are visual learners.

Organize contests on social media

Running social media contests gathers more audience attention because getting something for nothing is very appealing to many. It can also make your business viral if your contest is fun and exciting. The best examples are slogan making and “tag-a-friend” contests.

If you still don’t have a tagline for your business, you can organize a slogan writing contest, and from the entries, you can select the best one to use for your business. While if you want to find new prospects, you can try organizing a tag-a-friend contest wherein the contestant shall comment and tag as many friends as they can (to a photo or a social media post that you shared), and the one with the most tags wins.

Give out freebies and discounts

When people hear or see the word ‘free’, they automatically get excited and perceive the freebie as more valuable than it really is. That is why giving out printed jackets and caps, eBooks, kits (like a hammer and nails set), and discount coupons online, either as prizes for online contests or as incentives, will generate buzz for your business. It will also encourage potential customers to try the service that you’re offering.

Provide helpful information

Providing potential customers with free and helpful information won’t only manifest your concern for your customers. It will also show your knowledge and expertise in the subject, making it an effective means of building customer trust.

A friendly tip: You can use infographics because it’s an effective way to visualize information and data.

Lead social media followers to your website and blog

While social media works as a magnet for potential new clients, it gives them limited knowledge about the services you offer. On the other hand, having a corporate website and blog enables you to discuss your services in detail through blog posts and infographics. That is why you should always include your official website and blog in your social media accounts and advertisements.

Establish deep connections

Every business should endeavor to make the transaction more than a one-off incident. Successful companies establish deep connections with their clients, and you should too. The best way to do this is to relate to them personally through advocacies. For example, if you are into charity work, you can share and promote it on social media, and clients with the same advocacy will most probably wish you well and on-advertise your services.

It’s amazing how keeping up with the latest technology trends can transform and open endless opportunities to different industries. Social media, when used in the right way, is indeed a gift to mankind—especially to businesses, and so are software systems!

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