What is Construction Takeoff Software? – Infographic

Improper takeoffs in construction can have serious consequences for a project. If it is incorrect, it could result in ordering too much or too little material, leading to unnecessary costs. Furthermore, using the wrong materials or not having enough materials to complete the project can result in quality issues.

The good news is that companies today have a lesser chance of experiencing incorrect takeoffs, thanks to construction takeoff software. In this infographic, you will learn about takeoff software for construction estimating and the best document management software you can have for your company.

What Are Takeoffs in Construction?

In construction, a takeoff is a process of estimating the quantities of materials and labour needed for a specific project. This is typically done by reviewing plans and specifications and then calculating the quantities of each type of material and labour required to complete the work.

Takeoffs are an important part of the construction process, as they provide the basis for the project budget and schedule. They also help contractors determine the costs of different materials and labour and allow them to make informed decisions about the most cost-effective way to complete the project.

How to Do a Takeoff?

There are several different methods that can be used to perform a takeoff, including manual takeoff, digital takeoff, and hybrid takeoff. Manual takeoff involves reviewing the plans and specifications by hand and manually calculating the quantities of materials and labour needed.

On the other hand, digital takeoff involves using specialized software to review the plans and specifications and generate an estimate of the quantities needed. Hybrid takeoff involves a combination of manual and digital methods, with some quantities being estimated manually and others being generated using the software.

Regardless of the method used, the goal of a takeoff is to accurately estimate the quantities of materials and labour needed for a construction project. This information is then used to create a budget and schedule and to make informed decisions about the most cost-effective way to complete the work.

What is a Construction Takeoff Software?

Construction takeoff software is a program that automates the processes involved in construction takeoff. This software helps in assessing the essential information needed in a takeoff, such as prices of materials, type of materials, and total price, among others.

Benefits of Construction Takeoff Software

One of the primary benefits of construction takeoff software is its ability to save time and effort. Rather than manually calculating quantities and costs for each item on a project, takeoff software can automatically generate these estimates based on the project’s plans and specifications. This can be especially useful for large, complex projects where the number of items and quantities can be overwhelming to calculate manually.

Another benefit of construction takeoff software is its accuracy. By relying on digital calculations rather than manual estimations, the risk of errors is greatly reduced. This can help ensure that project budgets are more realistic and accurate, which can help avoid costly overruns and delays.

In addition to saving time and improving accuracy, construction takeoff software can also help improve the efficiency of the bidding process. By providing detailed, accurate cost estimates, contractors can more easily and accurately submit bids for projects. This can help improve the competitiveness of their bids and increase the likelihood of winning contracts.

Construction takeoff software also has the ability to make changes in material quantities and pricing when needed. Material takeoffs can have adjustments at the last minute due to client specifications, budget cuts, and revisions from engineers, among others. With digital takeoff software, teams can produce new material takeoffs faster. This saves a lot of time and effort.

A lot of skill is needed to make a material takeoff by hand. The estimator must know how to read blueprints, do complicated math, and have a good grasp of the factors that affect the prices of materials. Construction takeoff software, on the other hand, takes care of many of the hardest parts of making a material takeoff. In the end, construction takeoff software makes it easier and more accessible to make high-quality takeoffs. The software program takes care of calculations that are hard to do.

Access is also a problem for some. However, you would not experience any hassle in accessing takeoffs as there is cloud-based construction takeoff software. With this software, all you need to do is log into your web browser, and you will have the plans available through your mobile phone. This means that you can access your plans anywhere without hassle.

How to Choose a Construction Takeoff Software?

When choosing construction takeoff software, it is important to consider compatibility with your current hardware and operating system for smoother operations. To reduce errors, you should look for construction takeoff software that is user-friendly and easy to learn.

Aside from ease of use, you should not compromise your software’s features. A good construction takeoff software has basic features such as the ability to import and export data, the ability to create custom reports, and the ability to integrate with other software, at the very least.

Lastly, you should also consider construction takeoff software that has a good reputation and is recommended by your colleagues. When it comes to cost, you can use high-end software just as long as it gets the job perfectly done.

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