Invoice Importer speeds up your invoicing – more money in your pocket

You spoke.   We listened. The Bizprac Invoice Importer is NOW available.

Our clients tell us that entering monthly creditor invoices into their builder’s accounting software is not their most enjoyable job. However, it is a job that has to be done. And the Bizprac Invoice Importer makes it easy!

Invoice data entry can be littered with mistakes

Data entry of invoices is a repetitive process. It is also a process that absorbs a lot of time and the task can become boring and mundane. That causes your data entry person to lose focus and make a mistake. Errors in data entry can result in a cost to the business. Even worse, they can create compliance issues. Automation through integrated construction management software means data entry mistakes can be reduced. As an added bonus, reporting on the project health becomes faster and more accurate. Therefore, automation also makes good business sense.

Keep your staff happy and you get better client relations

Your staff is the shopfront to your business. When your staff is not overloaded with work and deadlines they are content. This can result in less staff turnover for a business.  Happy staffs have a different attitude towards peers, your current clients and your potential clients. The result being that your client perceives that your business is very professional.

Following discussions with a number of our building industry clients, Bizprac has developed the Invoice Importer for our builders accounting software. Entering creditor invoices is now a fast and painless process! This add-on module is going to create a lot of happy staff!

Bizprac Invoice Importer

The Invoice Importer was developed as an add-on module for our builders accounting software. Talking with our clients allowed us to better understand the current needs of our demanding building and construction software industry. Creditor invoice data entry is now a fast and painless process.

The Bizprac Invoice Importer is designed to read PDF invoices and import them directly into Bizprac to further enhance your builders accounting software.  Hard copy invoices just need to be scanned and saved as a PDF document type, so they too can be read into our builders accounting software using the Bizprac Invoice Importer.

A number of automated lookups to simplify the data entry process is already designed into Bizprac.

Importing purchase order details into an invoice is quick too

When using purchase orders, items can quickly be imported directly into the invoice.  Our clients said this was already a powerful tool within the purpose-written builders estimating and accounting software package.

Bizprac clients told us that the current method saves a lot of time and trouble.  In fact, they liked how each invoice line item is already costed to a Job and Cost Center, and down to the third level of Job Costing.   When doing a high volume of invoices our clients said they want to further streamline the process.   You spoke.  We Listened!

Entering higher volumes of invoices

Our clients have said to us that although Bizprac already makes entering creditor invoices fast could we further streamline the process to cater for a higher volume of invoices to be entered?

So our goal at Bizprac became to find the best way to develop our software to make the data entry of invoices easier and even faster.  Because we have direct construction industry experience we understand the needs required for builders accounting software.

The original invoice is attached to the imported invoice

The Bizprac invoice importer also attaches each PDF to the imported invoice so staff can quickly and easily see the actual invoice copy.  Most importantly and a key part of the Bizprac Invoice Importer process is the matching of data with existing orders for that creditor.

We at Bizprac believe we’ve achieved the goal we set for making invoice input even easier and the add-on module is available NOW.

To express your interest in this product and receive further product information, please email us and tell us what your needs are.

What would having this Bizprac Invoice Importer business function mean to your business?