Subscription Vs. Licensed Construction Management Software – Infographic

One of the technologies that builder companies use today is construction management software Australia. It is a tool used by contractors to automate and manage tasks such as budgeting, setting schedules, and communicating with the stakeholders and employees of the project.


Benefits of Construction Management Software

There are several benefits to using construction management software. Primarily, it can reduce risks like inconsistent reports, safety hazards, and poor labour quality. Additionally, it can improve the overall workflow of everyone involved in a project. You can ensure the efficiency of critical project tasks with construction software management.

Another benefit of having a construction software system is it gives you real-time data and accurate product estimates that you need for your work. All the necessary project information you need will be there in one click.

Lastly, construction management software allows the sharing of information and communication between parties involved in the construction project. This means that contractors, stakeholders, and employees can gain access to documents such as log records and raise concerns if needed. Of course, these are protected by access restrictions.

Key Features to Look for in Construction Software

One of the key features you should look for in construction management software is if it runs in the cloud. Cloud-based software allows team members to get information from a single source at the same time. Cloud-based software also keeps records up-to-date as changes are edited in real-time.

You should also look for a construction management platform that has solutions for the whole project, from design to completion. This is so you don’t have to switch to other programs or apps when managing various projects. This way, all the needed personnel who will work on the project will be on the same software.

User-friendliness is also an important feature when it comes to construction-based software. It is essential to have user-friendly software so everyone can understand and easily grasp the idea of using it. Choosing software that has all your needs on the dashboard is essential to keep your project going.

The price of construction management software depends on its features and services. Usually, these come in packages that can range from 62 AUD to 4011 AUD.

Just like in any other software, there are two ways of having construction-based software, through purchase or subscription.

Pros and Cons of Licensed Construction Management Software

One of the positive points of buying licensed construction management software is that you will only need to pay once to avail the features you need. You can also immediately use construction management software upon time of purchase.

On the other hand, a disadvantage of licensed construction management software is it has limited customization options available for the buyer. But this is a downside if you only need some features of the software but not the rest of it. You also need an upfront payment before using their product.

Is subscription-based construction management software better?

Subscription-based construction management software usually has different packages for its customers to fit their budget and project needs. With these options, contractors can assess their needs and spend money only on the features they require.

Unlike one-time purchase tools, subscription-based software is marketed to be not as intimidating. For instance, a deal of 22 AUD per month does not sound much of a huge cost than 264 AUD. Because of its flexibility, you won’t feel the burden of spending a huge amount, especially when you are still trying out the system.

Subscription-based software also makes the user utilize the product more, making sure that every cent is worth it. This enables the full utilization of every part of the construction management software.

If you are sceptical about using construction-based software, you can always avail yourself of their free trial. You can then cancel your subscription if it does not fit your operations and goals. This allows you to evaluate whether or not you’re going to subscribe to construction-based software before paying a hefty amount.

Bizprac Construction Software Packages

Bizprac has always been a top choice for Australian contractors because of its integrated features. It is a tool used by the top construction companies in the country.

Bizprac offers three packages for construction companies to provide options for both small and large companies. The most basic subscription package you can get from Bizprac is the Essentials package. This package is perfect for small construction businesses that are looking for affordable construction management software. The Essentials package has 22 functions that cover estimating, contractors, suppliers & job costing, accounting, and some additional features.

If you are looking for a better package that can have 40 functions, including estimating, contractors, suppliers & job costing, and accounting, then our Premium package is the right one for you. The Premium option has additional functions like payroll to simplify the calculation of wages, salaries, ad bonuses.

Some of the functionalities that Bizprac provides are the following:

  • Creating flexible payroll templates for employees                           
  • Single Touch Payroll & SuperStream Enabled                      
  • Mobile timecard app & import integration                   
  • Making secure diary entries on employee records, with attached docs                   
  • Flexible payslip email templates                      
  • Applying cost & charge-out rates back to Jobs

And if you are looking for our best plan at the best price, you should go for our Ultimate package. With this subscription package, your construction projects will be more cost-effective and convenient as this package has everything you need for your business.

There are three functions that are exclusively available to the Ultimate subscription compared to the Premium. Two of these are Creditor Voice Importer and Creditor & Debtor Retentions, Bank Guarantees & Hybrids. However, the most important function that the Ultimate package has is setting limits on purchase order values to keep control of authorized spending.

For a comprehensive list of our packages, you can Visit Bizprac Software. If you have any questions, you can contact our sales team or call 1800 009 970 today. Have your construction management software from Bizprac and see your business grow.

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